Scrimshaw: to carve or engrave memories or experiences on bone.

The practice of ‘scrimshaw’ was used by sailors and fishermen to record experiences and stories during long periods at sea.  Pictures engraved onto whale bone or whatever bone was to hand built up a record of experience and imaginings of the journey.

As we move through our lives our bones and bodies are shaped and changed by the places we go, terrains we navigate and encounters we have.  Our bones become a record of a life lived, a journey made; carrying us into the present.

Scrimshaw Projects aims to investigate these records through a variety of means. From movement explorations for health and creativity to choreographic performance works made from investigations into the bodies of the performers, the intention is always to discover more about our bodily-selves through giving attention to where we have been and where we are now.

Scrimshaw Projects is a fluid collective of artists for work conceived by Laura Bradshaw.

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